Microsoft Office 中小企版 2019 下載版 (Office Home and Business 2019 DM Medialess)


適用於家庭和小型企業的最新,最高效的Office軟件。 一次性購買Office套件,包括用於1台用於商業用途的Windows設備的Microsoft Outlook,Word,Excel和PowerPoint。

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Office 2019家庭和企業版:適用於家庭和小型企業的最新,最高效的Office軟件。 一次性購買Office套件,包括用於1台用於商業用途的Windows設備的Microsoft Outlook。 該軟件套件包括Outlook,Word,Excel和PowerPoint。

Microsoft Office Home&Business 2019僅在Windows 10上運行。對於其他版本的Windows,您必須購買Office 2016。

如果您不希望年度訂閱,則是一種完美而廉價的解決方案。 該許可證密鑰僅適用於一台設備,不能轉讓給新設備。


Office 2019 Home and Business: the newest and most productive Office software for families and small businesses. A one-time purchase of the Office suite including Microsoft Outlook for 1 Windows device licensed for commercial use. The software suite includes Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 will work only on Windows 10. For other versions of Windows, you have to buy Office 2016.

The perfect and cheap solution if you do not want an annual subscription. This license key is for only one device and cannot be transferred to a new device.